Scary Stats On Leading Causes On Death and Dismemberment…

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A Google query returned the following graph of data…

Natural beauty needs no help from man.

Natural beauty needs no help from man.

Through 20 years of research, suggestions from many well meaning family, friends and even strangers, prayer and doctor recommended treatments I remain steadfast in my rejection of allowing myself to be a guinea pig for their symptom management medications for MS. which I was diagnosed with the primary progressive (PP) form.

There being no known cure for M.S. (multiple sclerosis) to date, I can’t make myself even want to take any of the drug therapies recommended.  It is no often that I even have to take a pain reliever for a rare headache.

I am aware of the fact that a few patients with other forms of M.S. have shown improvements with some disease modifying drugs.

I did endure the use one of the therapies called Avonex about ten years ago for about one year.  The so-called minor flu-like symptoms would have me in bed for two days after the once/week shot. Not what I’d call minor side effects.

I would love to hear from anyone with PP form that is symptom free as a result of disease-modifying treatments.

However, the majority of the people I know personally that are taking the meds seem to be worse off and then require other meds to counteract the side-effects of the first.

adverse reactions do not create a synergism

adverse reactions

How much are you spending monthly on doctor-recommended medications, office visits, screenings for possible side-effects and all the time and gasoline spent?

Since they started allowing commercial ads for prescription drugs I can’t help feeling more like a consumer than a patient.  Would the Doctor be influenced by an incentive or profit rate more than my best health interest?

My monetary resources are being spent to support innovative and synergistic solutions designed to work with the body’s natural abilities, performance and functions rather than a profit margin.

If you think about it…most, if not all, natural plant based products have been discredited by the FDA.  Why?

With reasonable certainty, I believe the main reasons are that plants can not be patented or taxed.  Therefore, the authorities decide the plants must be regulated or banned.

Case in point, Industrial Hemp has been used successfully and reasonably safe medicinally for centuries and recently been discovered to have anti-cancer properties,yet remains banned.

It’s not news that the hemp plant has been banned since about 1937.  I’ve written previously about some of the health benefits of consuming hemp seeds. 

White willow bark is good for inflammation but with long term use can cause stomach irritation so scientists created a synthetic equivalent. Not many people are still aware of this natural plant’s uses. 

Cocoa beans are used to make chocolate which can cause obesity, currently a major cause of  rising health care costs,

Why isn’t chocolate banned or regulated?  What kind of uproar would that cause?  Obesity is a much bigger problem than NON-psychoactive industrial hemp.

Is Industrial hemp banned because it reduces the profit margins from other interests in crude oil, pesticides and pharmaceuticals?

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