Should Survival of the Fittest Determine Human Food Supplies? Should GMO’s?

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It is one thing to help feed the hungry, eliminate diseases or help a culture but at what cost to our Earth?

With the controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms ( GMO’s) it seems there must be some cause for further investigation & research.  Better safe than sorry.

I’m not very comfortable with the idea that a large corporation like Monsanto, or an individual like Bill Gates, investing a lot of money can determine where anyone’s  Food Supply should come from.

There have been too many things that seemed like a good thing at first and later turned out to be extremely detrimental.  I’m just sayin….

I wonder how many studies have been done on the environmental impacts for long term sustainability.  What if… by saving today’s hungry people we end up destroying the soil for hundreds of years maybe, or causes a new type of pandemic?

What caused the controversy in the first place?  I mean,…who could fault an entity for feeding the hungry or poor, for curing disease…? Unless…??

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