How to eat fast foods without getting fat!

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Signs in nature

Turns out; Science has shown that Grandma knew what she was talking about when she said…

  • “Eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes.” Cut a slice (the round way) & notice how it resembles your eye’s iris!

  • “Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you.” Look at the crowns & notice how they resemble the avioli of our lungs. science has shown the benefits of broccoli to our lungs!



  • “Eat your celery & bananas so you’ll grow big & strong. Science shows how it helps our bones…What do they resemble?



  • “Eat tomatoes, they’re good for your heart.” Tomatoes have four chambers with separating membranes, the seeds like blood cells.
  • “Eat avocados, they’re good for you.” Turns out they’re aid for a woman’s womb. Guess what. the large seed in the center & the fruit look like the female reproductive organs & the kicker–from bloom to harvest, takes 9 months!

  • “Eat walnuts, they’ll keep you smart.” Crack one open & you guessed it… it looks like a human brain! Science has shown it’s brainy benefits!

  • “Eat your citrus fruits!” Great for your liver & skin…Hmmm




The list goes on…Rule of thumb-If it grows in the dirt from which we were created it is good & healty for us, SO EAT IT!!! (no pun intended)

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