Still Manning My Posts as Best I Can-Hemp Still Not Accepted For It’s Worth

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Just Had To take Leave for Family Medical Issues

Since leaving Denver a month ago it’s been one thing after another…

The first week’s report is here.

My planned agenda while on my visit to see my Dad at my sister’s home,has been all but forgotten.  Nothing has gone according to my ideas or plans.

In fact, seems that events have been designed to be the exact opposite of my plans – seems fairly typical I guess.

Brush fires, lightening storms, computer viruses, a continual frenzy of family & friends with well wishes and hospice nurses, my brother-in-law having health scares, being out of my element & at the mercy of everyone else’s agile movement & schedule.  Sorry, doesn’t work for me!

Hemp Oil cured lung cancer?…Dad won’t hear of it.

Finding the silver lining, the good within the bad has been a constant undertaking.  One must honor and allow a dying man’s wishes – even when he won’t reason with you.

Making cherry pie without the pits and recognizing the massive amounts of nutrients in the horse shit & bat shit is the biggest challenge when you’re knee deep in it.  Sure, they make for some beautiful veggies, but unpleasant otherwise, right?

Above all else, the hardest thing to handle is having your own father reject your information based on a preconceived ideas of a single word — hemp.

Being disabled by any “currently incurable” disease or illness is reason enough for me to try a natural substance such as hemp oil.  Since it has cured some, why not me or my Dad.  I’d be willing to try it but Dad is not.

Dad is as stubborn as he is confused.  Trying hemp oil does NOT make him a guinea pig or a drug user.  It has been produced and used for thousands of years!  I guess being born in 1937 makes him a perfect brainwashing candidate since that is the same year hemp growth and processing was banned.  Here’s some history of industrial hemp.

The year of Dad’s birth is the year the banning of hemp was enacted.  The year that America actually started the war-on-drugs and began loosing credibility by selling out to Big Money.

Over the years the U.S. “officials and D.E.A. have mistakenly protected us to death & disability by;

  • Approving many prescription & OTC drugs,
  • Promoting and preferring Pesticide and herbicide use
  • Marketing artificial sweeteners especially Aspartame,
  • Are promoting anti-smoking laws while leasing land from landowners and paying them royalties to grow tobacco on their land,
  • Approving GMO seeds while removing heirloom varieties,
  • Allowing all forms of media to advertise prescription drugs,
  • I’ll sure there are other examples I’ll add later.

I plan to be back in force next week, but those are my plans – and there are other forces controlling things in this life too.

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