Superstition, Luck, Murphy & Karma…OR Fate?

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Or Stupidstition as I like to call it…

Stevie Wonder’s song comes to mind here…

Not having been one to associate occurrences with a specific date so that I may not have recurring “bad days ‘ annually, I may have to rethink my take on this issue due the occurrences of this past “Friday the 13th.”

This past Friday was my first remembrance of experiencing an unlucky 13th.

It could just as well be a Karma or Murphy thing too.

What happened was that we got a confirmation that my Dad has inoperable lung cancer.

Murphy or Karma would attribute it to the fact that Dad smoked 1-2 packs a day for 65-70 years.  But he has always been kind-hearted & lovable so why can George Burns smoke for longer & not get cancer…not saying any ill toward the late George Burns

Things like a black cat crossing my path or throwing spilled salt over my shoulder have never held much water for me but I’m sure their origins would give a reason behind them.  This blog offers some info of the origins just as an FYI.

horseshoe hung on a wooden fence or wallNo doubt, all have experienced “luck”- good & bad.  Then there are those who have a propensity to encounter Murphy’s Law regularly.

Who doesn’t know about what is commonly called Karma…the idea that what goes around, comes around?

I guess my point here is that there are so many other philosophies & scientific factors involved.  The ‘fate factor” seems to be prominent for my Dad.

Applying the above factors, leaves me with the fact that I’m the only member of the family with Multiple Sclerosis & leaves me with the question, “What did I do to cause this?”  I didn’t do anything & neither did my parents unless smoking is found to be a contributor in getting MS.

The Laws of Cause & Effect. don’t always prove true either.  There are the cases of those that never smoked & they die of lung cancer too.

It always comes back to “survival of the fittest.”

The best thing I’ve found to help me maintain my “fittest” was becoming aware of how my body responds to all types of foods, products & other environmental factors.

I was oblivious to their effects until I took a Raw Food Challenge about 8 years ago called “Food First.”

  • I lost about 15 pounds,
  • was more energetic,
  • slept more soundly,
  • my skin cleared of an itchy rash & cracked cuticles on my hands,
  • the tremors in my hands decreased,
  • I no longer had irregular bowel movements,
  • I had energy to spare.

That’s all I remember from the old “Food First Challenge”…

Now the New & Improved pre-launch of  “The Raw Promise Challenge” from the science of Restoration Biology is here at Restoration90 for everyone.

The hardest thing for me is knowing about the products offered at Restoration90& how they’ve helped others & I still have to allow my Dad to decide that he does or does not want to try & see if they’ll help him too.

I still love you Dad & always will. This video called

    Another Day

is ever my wish for you.

1/31/13..Revision…I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

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