Support Your Local Home Based Business…How To Start Yours!

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’m not just saying this because I am a small business owner but because it’s what built this once great nation…it still is a great nation, but we MUST work together, stick together and support each other!

Support the Mom & Pop Shops

Mom & Pop Shops built this great nation, not the big corporations that are taking it over.

What’s wrong here is that we all fell asleep, complacent in the idea that the “Big Guys” had our backs!  They may claim to, until it effects their interests or wallets.

As I’ve been saying, a new economy is forming, and in fact, has already begun transforming the way we do business both locally and globally.

With the widespread influence of the Internet though Social Media, YouTube and E-mail marketing, anyone can now take all those “hard knocks” in life and use them to connect with empathetic comrades.

You can easily gain an audience with all these fancy new tools available today.

We cannot and will not be able to restore our pride and self confidence while staying asleep & complacent and stuck and miserable in a rut.

Take an inventory of your life experiences, your values and beliefs, your interests and hobbies, your goals and dreams and let’s begin crafting our own Empathy Driven Economy!

Obviously, this idea is not for everyone!  We will ALWAYS need some folks to be doctors and nurses, farmers and ranchers, technical gurus and the like, but if you’re looking for a way to change your “picture” that’s where The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto by Ann Seig can help you get started.

Yes, I’m an affiliate and earn a one time commission and you can find her stuff anywhere but, then you would be supporting the “Big Guys” again.

Maybe you’ve recently become disabled or retired, are a stay-at-home Mom, or are sick of your job & want to work on replacing your income and don’t know the first thing about How To Start.”

You may have your ideas all ironed out already.  A mastermind group is always beneficial. That’s where The Direct Marketing Coach+ Team comes in handy.

We are a worldwide group of Entrepreneurs working together through the DMC+ private Facebook group page.  Join this amazingly friendly, helpful and resourceful group of entrepreneurs today.

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