Synergistic Solutions – Are They Found In All The Hype & Buzz words?

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Curious how well the hype works too?

Within and throughout all my years of marketing, social media marketing and sales training or simply surfing the Triple “W” highway I’ve noticed
a few buzzwords that seem everyone uses to grab our attention…here is a
short list, please comment as to whether or not any of them have influenced
your decision to buy or become involved with “said” product or company…and maybe add one that I missed or that caused you to take action.

Here we go –

  • Ground floor opportunity,
  • Groundbreaking Technology,
  • Debt free company,
  • Top Leaders in the Industry,
  • Fantastic money making business,
  • Turn-key business,
  • Best pay plan EVER,
  • All New Patented process,
  • Exclusive product(s),
  • Life changing products,
  • It’s so easy my dog could do it…What’s up with that one?

When one is searching for a way to make a change in their career or current opportunity, these phrases are typically the attention getters which draw us in. I’ve chosen to minimize using them.

Even though I could make these same statements about what I’ve found.         I recognize the fact that these phrases are over-worked, abused & tiring…making one think “here we go again” or “Oh, NO, not another one.”

Trading the 40 year plan for 3 to 5 years of work…

The most deceiving or misunderstood thing about any and all of these advertisements is that none tell you that they are WORK programs…NOT ” get-rich- quick” programs. Albeit, these opportunities can be more rewarding and offer a way to create residual income; as is what I’ve found and chosen to WORK with.

The key factor in choosing a company, organization or path to follow in this new empathy driven economy is “Does this choice match your PASSIONS?”  In this day and age we truly do not wish to be WORKING to fulfill someone else’s dreams or passions.  The days of joining a solid company or organization are all but gone or, soon will be.

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

Having always been in a care-giving or serving type of role, I got drawn into the “get rich quick idea,” only to realize that these are work programs and that MY PASSION is to help, serve and encourage others by sharing my life’s experiences!

Facing the challenge of Multiple Sclerosis, two devastatingly destructive marriages, an absentee father and a Bi-Polar mother all have provided me the strength and courage to press onward and pursue the hope that is within me.  It’s in each of us.  We know it’s there otherwise, WHY would anyone even get up every day and carry on?

When your health is compromised, or you want to avoid illness and disease you want synergistic solutions not a get rich quick scheme.  I am gaining ground in this battle with positive actions, belief, faith and hope. The residuals are starting to come in also!

I’d be honored to welcome you to WORK with our team of survivors, AKA Vizionarys (not a typo) who have a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of others first, because of the differences these products are making in our own lives.

I appreciate your time and effort in reading, commenting and sharing this article.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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