Synergistic Solutions From A New MLM? What’s Big Idea This Time?

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Why You Should Give A Care…

maze of crazy roads leading nowhere.

Ever feel like this?

Having a compromising condition such as Multiple Sclerosis causes me to keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the lookout for synergistic solutions!

All Disease – “Dis-ease” indicates a compromised condition.  When your doctors tell you “cause unknown”, “no cure available” then you continually dig deeper hoping for a solution with a synergistic effect.

When you’re healthy one day and not the next,there are ever nagging questions – What did or didn’t I do?  What can I do about it?… Call me rebel or renegade or __?___ – I don’t care… When existing technology and medicine don’t offer any synergistic solutions any sane person keeps searching.

Since traditional medicine hasn’t provided any treatments and certainly no synergistic solutions for my form of MS then I must research alternative medicines and therapies. This is the type of circumstance that will send even an atheist to seek out God and any solution with a synergistic effect.

Fortunately, I was already a believer, been smothered in prayer and blessed by God’s grace. The other half of my responsibility is to do whatever is within my power to respect and care for my body the best I can.

one plus one is greater than two

Synergism defined

I believe that ALL life was created synergistically to work together with WATER as it’s basis of thriving. Certain independent scientists and researchers are continually discovering and developing innovative new technologies, creating new products and conducting new studies to provide these synergistic solutions.

Because of that, many new processes create new products and therapies that challenge current understanding.  These new products make it to the market in two was which I’ll cover in a moment.

Case-in-point…We all know that we can no longer rely strictly upon our foods to supply all of our nutrients – so the supplement industry was born.

Unfortunately, synthetically produced nutrients are typically absorbed into our cells & tissues at an average of about 20%.  Much is lost in the digestive process which does not make for a very good synergistic solution.

As scientists discover new methods and develop new products it takes time for the general population to acknowledge and accept the effectiveness of the new discovery.

  1. Many such discoveries are placed on the market with gazillions of dollars in advertising and marketing budgets – often backed by big pharma, big oil & big chemical monopolies.  These monopolies take over and control new discoveries wherever they can. – just business and their bottom line.

My goal is to AVOID the 3 conglomerates wherever I can.

2.  That is where the Network Marketing Industry serves the public.  An amazing discovery is usually patented and the least expensive method of advertising is used – word of mouth marketing.

We all have participated in network marketing by recommending a movie or restaurant, a cool new boutique, a great sale at a favorite store…Only thing is that you never get a compensation check for your efforts.

As you may be aware – with a plan to help folks live “The American Dream”  Amway was created.  Many have followed with varying degrees of success.

Now it is fitting for me to have a synergistic connection to water soluble nutrients which have been medically shown to be deficient in most patients with MS.

I’ve been supplementing with vitamins D, E, & Beta Carotene for years because of studies I’d read over my 20+ years battling this compromising condition and CoQ10 because of family history of heart issues.  I felt like they had minimal effect until I tried the water soluble supplements from my primary business.

Do you suffer from a compromising condition that you believe that you could benefit from supplements?  Want to absorb 90% of your nutrients?  Ask me how.

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