What Inspires & motivates You Into Action?

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t motivate or inspire either! I am constantly inspired by people with bigger challenges than I can even imagine dealing with. Sometimes feeling frustrated with my adaptive equipment & typing slowly with one finger or another, … Continue reading

Aspartame-Should You Consume it or Completely Avoid it?

What wasn’t presented to the FDA in a 1975 study: “In their investigation, the FDA 1975 Task Force reviewed a study done for Searle in 1969 by Dr. Harry Waisman, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin. The study … Continue reading

Change Resulting from the Greatest Tragedies Generate the Most Benefits!!

When tragedy of any kind strikes, our common thought is often to ask “Why Me?”   To me that question is almost like wishing the circumstance should have happened to someone else. Change is inevitable for everyone at any time … Continue reading