What Makes A Happy New Year?

Choosing Happiness


I am fairly certain that you are probably saying one of the following:

  • Oh, but you have no idea what I’m going through or,
  • That’s right, it is a choice to be happy or,
  • Oh another one of those feel good, do gooders! gulp, erp, gag me.

A Matter Of Choice

Choosing happiness is often not the easiest, immediate or obvious thing to be, do or have.

Trust me, I could spend weeks and months writing facts about my life’s experiences and circumstances but, why? Everyone has a story. Mine is best left to myself for this purpose.

Choices make all the difference

Choices make all the difference


My intent and desire is to say Happy 2015 and to share synergistic solutions for whatever compromised conditions that our choices can create without competition.

The broad stroke solution I’ve chosen is to become ever Better instead of Bitter.

This is rarely the easy choice. However, to me it is the only choice that does not perpetuate the negative effects I see prevalent around me.

Learn from past choices to bring changes to the present and a more pleasant future for all. May we all enjoy peace and abundance in 2015 and beyond. Live beyond limitations and be another survivor.

To our health,

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May you find all the peace, joy an laughter you can handle!


Top 10 Criteria For Becoming An Entrepreneur…Do You Have Them?

Model One Not Working For You?

A more synergistic solution may be the answer for you.

When you get down to it employees and entrepreneurs must do certain things daily which doesn’t leave much time to do as we wish.  Typically and historically our society almost mandates that we should go to college, join a company, get married and raise a family so we seek a job with the support of a corporation.

corporate pyramid

Corporate jobs can provide a sense of freedom, I mean – you earn some money right?  Hopefully get some health insurance or other benefits too. But, we still are not free! All the while many are ultimately building another’s dream while wishing for something else and hating our jobs.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business you’ll find a plethora of opportunities out here on the triple “W” freeway!

Maybe you just want to supplement your income to allow a bit more flexibility in your finances.  A synergistic solution for your well-being and reducing stress may be just what the doctor recommends.

The question then becomes “Which one is right for you?”

Model Two Design & create your own future online.

My experience over 25+ years has shown me a few criteria for success:

  • You MUST have a passion for whatever “IT” is
  • You MUST be a product of the product or service
  • You MUST have a consumable product or service
  • You MUST be unique – so develop your niche’
  • You MUST deliver above and beyond your promise
  • You MUST offer “cutting edge technology”
  • You MUST prove “what’s in it for them”
  • You Must prove “it” is safe and beneficial
  • You MUST provide more value than “the other guy”
  • You MUST represent a solid company/opportunity

There’s actually another necessity…You MUST be willing to work long hours in the beginning with little pay – similar to a farmer.  You MUST believe in yourself, your product or service and your goal – to the point that you’d work at it even when not yet getting paid at first.

This scenario is similar to spending years earning a degree and acquiring the debt that comes along with it without any residual income or reward.  A garden takes months of planning, hoeing, weeding, watering and work.  Fortunately this venture can start earning you money in as little as 2 weeks after your training period which varies per individual.

Do you think you have what it takes to work from home?  Do you want to gain the skills?  Have you been searching for the right vehicle for your future?

See if you qualify by clicking here to take the short survey.  Most people do not have what it takes to own their lives.

Finding the right opportunity, company

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