Tests & Trials Of A Disabled Online Marketer Must Have A Purpose…

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As It Does For Everyone, for that matter.

Are you living your life on purpose?  Have you discovered your purpose?

My purpose at one point was to raise my two beautiful children.  That being completed, I was left to seek out a new purpose because without purpose life would be a burden on society as a whole & a waste of time & resources.

There is growing awareness & concern about food, water, energy & natural resource supplies & I don’t wish for it to be decided that I, & others like me, be eliminated because I’m using too many resources & not providing anything of value.

A student engaged in learning his Logo programming skills using Microworlds.
An OpenWorld Learning Student engaged in learning

Part of that search for a new purpose led me to earning a Certificate in English Literacy Instruction.  In time, that lead me to this wonderful part-time position working with an after school program called OpenWorld Learning.

Students learn to animate their own drawings and design computer games and earn incentives as they complete levels!  (We do this all year, not just summer camps.)

  • Beginner = a tee-shirt,
  • Intermediate = a refurbished computer,
  • Advanced = a digital camera

I AM passionate about helping kids become literate & computer literate!  Most of the students we serve are considered to be at-risk & don’t have even one computer in their home.

A purpose without passion is just a money game.  I have never been happy or comfortable pushing “big bucks” programs.  Society has entered into a New Economy Era – The Empathy Driven Economy.

This new economy was created by several main factors. 

  • Outsourcing jobs overseas, 
  • Increased ease & efficiency of web design,
  • The Internet, 
  • Social Media.

So, that’s my offline life.  Nowdays a person can inventory their passions, hobbies, religious beliefs, interests & goals & life experiences to create their own empathy economy online.

Having A Debilitating Health Condition Like MS Is One Thing…

A red Target with heart shaped awwow finns.

Love your purpose filled life!

Being able to create something of value is a huge blessing for many folks like myself is another.  Maybe you are in the same place I was a few months ago.  You need a mastermind group to help you start putting the pieces together to start building your own business based upon your own passions.

I joined The Direct Marketing Coach Team & am in a constant state of learning & growth.  When you join the team at whatever level that fits your budget, you’ll be added to our private Facebook Group page. Help is readily available from all manner of people on the team, each with their own skills, talents & interests.

Please don’t judge your success based on how you perceive my success.  Join today & start creating your dream opportunity.  Make your dreams a reality.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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