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Thanksgiving & Gratitude for our farmers & organizations like Feed Denver who are truly making a difference in our lives! Thank you!

Feed Denver:
Urban Farms & Markets

Bless the Hands that Made the Food

In Ireland they say a quick grace, “Bless the hands that made the food.” On this Thanksgiving Day let’s take a moment to remember the journey that our food takes to find itself on our tables.

From the farmer to the food crafter, the baker to the butcher, the trucker to the grocer; every item on your plate carries a story of people and land and tradition. We speak and worry often about the state of our food system. We understand that it is important to rebuild our local food resources. But on this day let’s remember the truth about the many individuals toiling worldwide to bring this holiday to us this year. The conditions may be challenging, the distances traveled vast but the food is being raised and grown and provided by food workers from around the country who work long and hard to support their families and communities by bringing in the harvest, processing the turkeys, packing, transporting, and selling so we can celebrate with our friends and families on this special day.

Thanksgiving is about stopping and acknowledging the year’s harvest while gathering with our loved ones to count our blessings. At Feed Denver we are grateful for those who feed us all now for it is through their toil and dedication that we are healthy and nourished. As we work to enliven and expand farming and food localization in Colorado we know it is only with the presence of the current food system that we are able to explore this work at all for we are but a part of the whole as we work to rebalance our local food shed.

Over the next weeks we will be sharing with your our progress this year and asking you to remember us in your holiday and end of year generosity. At Feed Denver our mission is to make urban farming successful in Colorado one seed, one farm, and one farmer at a time.

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