The Hunt For Health Hope & Happiness?

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This video titled Another Day may point those goals or wishes…

I can’t & won’t promise to be able to avoid acts of God upon our lives.  I can’t say whether or not the teachings of Karma are a factor in current circumstances.

Fate & luck are ever present & unmanageable as well.  Being one of the biggest skeptics around, I always question new things & concepts.  Likewise, you should be also.

Being wary of hype is something we’ve rightly, grown accustomed to.  That is precisely why I’m speaking to you directly from my heart to yours.

There are many factors bombarding & damaging our health, adversities testing our happiness & stealing our hope…stealing our health & wellness

It is my sincere hope that if you or a loved one are facing difficult health challenges that you’ll inspect & research the information, videos & testimonies abundant at my Restoration90 site

Why the name Restoration 90…Restoration from the effects of these products on restoring our health, & 90 because that is how long it typically takes a human to start a new habit.

New habits are what is required to effect changes in our health & wellness quotients.

If you know someone dealing with a health challenge, won’t you please share this page with them?

1/31/13..Revision…I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting below, joining my email list above, & sharing everywhere.

Lori Emmons


The Hunt For Health Hope & Happiness? — 2 Comments

  1. Helen is her own self-advocate in that her self advocates that we adapt the world for how she exeeripnces it. This is self advocacy at the grandest level. Why? Because it is immediately apparent that if Helen’s personhood can liberate her — our understanding of the personhood of people with disabilities should do the same. Her statement of joy, of self awareness, shows that people who think that she would be better off dead — are simply bigots who choose not to know her. Helen is a radical person. Her message is about radical acceptance. Her life is radically her own. For those labeled profoundly retarded, emphasize the word profound. Dave HingsburgerI haven’t actually read the book this is from, but I read the quote in an essay at and was really taken with it. I think it’s neat because it’s really important for non-disabled people to take disabled people’s happiness at face value. A lot of problems facing disabled people arise from the fact that non-disabled people think they know what disability is, and they think it’s something so depressing and overwhelming and gross that it puts disabled people on another level where they don’t deserve the same rights as non-disabled people, because their lives or their family’s lives are supposedly so unbearable. I like how Hingsburger points out that any disabled person can fight ableism by expressing themselves; they don’t need to fight ableism in an intellectual way to be making a difference.Also I just like this quote because I don’t like when people patronize people with intellectual disabilities and make judgments about what they’re capable of or what they understand. Just because you may have to use simpler words (or no words) to talk to someone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t actually engage with them and realize that they can surprise you as much as anyone else.

    • Those are all good points that you’ve made. Many people don’t quite know how to approach someone with a disability. Many others are afraid that a disability or condition may be contagious so avoidance is their strategy. Thanks for visiting & commenting!

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