Time To Reform & Rethink Industrial Hemp Legislation

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  • We, I think, have come to trust our federal government for far too long – readily believing that they have our backs and are FOR THE PEOPLE rather than preserving their own bottom line or agendas.  Industrial hemp is a perfect example of that issue.
  • We, I think, have allowed the DEA to misconstrue the facts about industrial hemp far too long – to the point that we now must try to force reform of current laws.
  • We, I think, have trusted the FDA & CDC to guide our thoughts on medicines and vaccinations which we supposedly “must have.” – to the point that I get quizzical stares when asked “What prescriptions are you taking?” and my answer is zero!  It’s uncommon that someone with a chronic condition like MS rarely even takes a pain pill.
  • We, I think, need to occupy more than Wall Street!  We need to reevaluate obsolete, archaic laws and regulations which are hindering our growth or advancement in preserving our planet, implementing health care reform, drug reform, energy reform and economic reform.
  • We, I think, MUST STAND TOGETHER & stand up demanding reform & revitalization of the USA beginning with industrial hemp and its plethora of benefits.
  • We, I think, by reclassifying and using Industrial hemp could and would help rebuild America’s position as the greatest nation on earth, – get our economy back on track, our environment healthier,Facilitate making Health Care more affordable, and create more jobs to help keep it that way.
  • We, I think, need to occupy the Federal government to we realize some effective changes within our write economy, employment, environment and green energy sectors.
  • We, I know, are losing out on a major export product as well.
I know it seems like I’m presenting industrial hemp as the be all, end all solution – because when you do the research, as thinkers, I believe you’ll see the same picture I see.  
9/30/12 I decided to come back and update this post with a new groundbreaking report.  We’re making some progress! HOORAY!  Industrial Hemp Reform Pending in California.

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