Top 10 Reasons Why Water Soluble Supplements Are More Effective…

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Micellized Supplements And Products

What in the H-e-double toothpicks does that mean?…a science mini…

Fats are hydrophobic, which means they do not dissolve in water – We all know that part. Without proper digestive juices, small molecules of fat would combine together to form one large molecule of fat. Bile prevents this from happening. Bile molecules contain a hydrophobic end, as well as a hydrophilic, or water-absorbent, end. When bile enters the small intestine, bile molecules attach to the fat molecule.

The fat molecule absorbs the hydrophobic end of the bile molecule, allowing the hydrophilic end to protrude from the fat molecule like a tail. This hydrophilic end repels other fat molecules, preventing them from combining together. These coated fat molecules become known as micelles.

Completion of Fat Digestion  Once fat molecules are converted into micelles, the lipase enzymes from the pancreas begin to break down the fat molecules into fatty acids and monoglycerides, which are fatty acids that contain glycerol. These substances are able to pass through the wall of the small intestine, where they enter intestinal cells called epithelial cells. In the epithelial cells, fatty acids and monoglycerides are converted to triglycerides, then coated with protein. The protein coating makes these molecules, now referred to as chylomicrons, water-soluble. Chylomicrons enter your lymphatic system, then travel to your bloodstream, where your body is able to use them.

Resource: Cambridge College

What does all that mean and why I mentioned it is to help you understand that the whole process is NOT functioning very well in probably 95% of all humans.

We have all spent valuable effort, time and money on supplements.

And the top 10 reasons Soluble supplements are better:

1. Amazing bodies – The human body is a complex miracle and is able to do amazing things provided we feed and hydrate them with the nutrients required for optimum health and to fight against compromising conditions. Think about it…human bodies can sometimes survive even chemo treatments.  That fact blows my mind and proves how miraculous our bodies are.

2. Bio-availability is enabled and improved by the natural micelles produced in our intestines. Unfortunately, our ability to produce micelles is drastically compromised by our standard American diets, abbreviated (SAD) – sedentary lifestyles, pharmaceutical use and more.  Pre-micellized good lipids allow absorption by bypassing compromised digestive processes.

3. Blood brain barrier –

blood brain barrier

From Johns Hopkins University

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is a dynamic interface that separates the brain from the circulatory system and protects the central nervous system (CNS) from potentially harmful chemicals while regulating transport of essential molecules and maintaining a stable environment.  It’s safest and best to help the body help itself. Micelle technology does NOT work with impure or synthetic nutrients – this patented process makes pure, crucial nutrients 90% more bio-available/absorb-able.

4. Cost effective – Do you have several bottles or jars of various vitamin pills in your cupboard that you seriously intended to swallow them but are tired of trying to remember and tired of swallowing them. The problem truly is that if you had truly noticed the intended benefits you would have remembered to swallow them.

5. Prevention – It’s a much more effective way to stay healthy rather than it is to heal after your health is compromised.  Trust me – I know this first-hand. What is causing the increase in occurrences of certain conditions?

6. Reduced healthcare costs – An apple-a-day just isn’t enough to keep the doctor away anymore.  Help your body help itself with water soluble nutrition. I cannot say that your compromised condition will improve or disappear, I’m only sharing how my body is responding to the deficiencies. (see my results below)

7. Waste process – Even If your colon is not compromised your body’s digestive system cannot begin to break down a synthetic gelcap or tablet effectively. Remember – it’s how our miraculous bodies were designed!

8. Bio-availability – Studies have shown that the more organic and the less processing your body has to perform the more effective and useful the nutrients become.

9. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and will only increase when you nourish your cells until you flourish completely.

10. No more trips to the vitamin store, No more choking down pills, No more neon pee, No more unused products crowding your cupboards, No more doubting or questioning the effectiveness of supplementing.

My results so far-

  • Fatigue has almost disappeared
  • Floaters in vision are gone & night vision improved
  • Tremor in head is gone
  • More mental clarity & focus
  • Skin blemishes disappearing including to moles, skin is softer and not itchy, no more cracked cuticles
  • Sleeping better
  • Stronger & more steady – improved balance allowing me to take few steps unassisted – first time in years
  • Many that don’t know what I’m taking are telling me how young I’m looking

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