Top 3 Causes of Cancer That Are Completely Avoidable!

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Yet, They Still Keep Us Addicted…

You may say “I’m not addicted to anything.”

The fact is; we’re all addicted to “the convenience factor,” but that’s not one of the three I’m referring to.

Our affinity for “Convenience” does play into it though.

I am thinking that I AM addicted to sex & laughter neither of which cause cancer & how wonderful it would be if your sex caused uncontrollable laughter!!!  I’ll sign up for that class or product!

Who ever quit having sex after getting pregnant because someone said, “They found out what causes that.”  NOBODY!

Martini glass with an olive, coffee cup & a meal place setting icons.

Icons of comfort!

Society has only gotten to this place of comfort & ease because of our constant search for, and desire to make life easier & more comfortable & enjoyable.

Maybe we continue to indulge ourselves in behaviors that are known to cause cancer or other negative effects because of the lure of “the promise of heaven.”  Most do not cause instant death so we believe we’re infallible.

The New York Times wrote an article about the decline of soda sales which raises a separate concern for me regarding the diet drinks…but I’ll come back to that another day.

This from GAWKER …”Health advocates are cautiously optimistic about the decline. “It is really important because sugary soft drinks are the No. 1 source of calories in our diets,” said Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “We get more calories from sodas and sugary drinks than any other individual food – cake, cookies, pizza, anything.”

2 heart shaped sugar cubes

Shows our love of sugar!

It should be well known by now that cancer thrives on sugars.  Take note of how high fructose corn syrup has dominated the ingredient list of our diets & how Aspartame is competing to take over that profitable spot on our food labels.  Sodas are addictive & avoidable & I certainly don’t want to advocate for the sugar-free versions either.

Another convenience we are addicted to, which I’ve written about before is our addiction to convenience of packaged & fast foods.  While there are claims denying addictive ingredients added to those foods I believe it’s the convenience factor as much as it is the food itself.

The most difficult factor of addictive behavior for me to understand & accept is humanity’s addiction to dangerous drugs & cigarettes.  They cost so much hard earned money & time, create so much litter, and require so much effort to maintain the habit.  This is completely an avoidable addiction.  If only “Just Saying No” was as pleasurable as Sex & Laughter!  Then maybe we’d have less disabled people as well…just a thought.

Now if I could just develop a “convenient anti-addiction pill” for these harmful products, I’d be rich, right?

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