TOP 4 Most Beneficial Heart Nutrients — A Comparison.

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Heart of the matter! a big red heart

Heart of the matter!

Do You Believe That It’s All Genetics Anyway?

There are numerous pages on the Internet that will give you information on CoQ10, Vitamin D, and vitamin E and krill oil.

Well known doctors all prescribe and tout these nutrients as being beneficial for our cardiovascular health.  Rather than regurgitate all that information I am providing a few links, and then presenting you with some information on the most advanced technology in delivering these nutrients to our bodies!

What about CoQ10?

What about Vitamin D?

What about Vitamin E?

What about Krill oil?

Now hear about the ground-breaking new Swiss Technology!

While there definitely are some genetic factors of which many are often caused by lifestyle choices.  I’m certainly not trying to play doctor or scientist rather just sharing some little known facts and a new delivery method to help your cardiovascular health. Many folks know we need a few basic healthy habits like

  • daily exercise
  • regular sleep patterns
  • eating raw whole foods
  • drinking enough water

Do you take any of these supplements?  If so, have you seen any benefits or issues or had any problems?

Quick audio presentation:

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