Want to Know Why You Won’t Succeed In Network Marketing In 2012?

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Is it the same reason you didn’t succeed last year, or the year before, and the year before that?  That’s what it was for me until I found this out.

Most network marketers will not succeed in 2012 because they are not following a permission based model of marketing where the main emphasis is to build an email list.

Which sounds more like your approach to promoting your network marketing business?

You give as many strangers as possible the opportunity to say No to your business opportunity presentation. Doesn’t necessarily matter who these people are. You’re not concerned whether these people are interested in what you have to share with them. In fact, they might not even anticipate your presentation, or your email, or your call.


Join Now button imageYou have honed your message directly toward the interested individual, and you ask for permission to continue with what you could consider a “curriculum” that teaches and informs about an issue you know they would like resolved.

Pretty big difference, eh?

Your email list is gold!

Your email list is a business asset that cannot ever be taken away from you.

Your email list represents your income.

No email list. No income.

In the permission based model of marketing, you have something of value to offer your audience OTHER than your main business opportunity.

You offer this to your audience for free in exchange for their email address.

Here is a made-up example:

You offer a recorded call with your 6 figure earning Double Diamond upline, and how she built her MLM business using “these 5 low budget strategies.

Remember, people don’t care about your opportunity.

It’s the result they want. They care about the result that that opportunity can bring them, and they are looking to buy into someone who has already achieved some results.

Market results, not the opportunity.

So you freely give something away of value that represents getting results in exchange for the email address.

Next, when they sign up for your email list and follow through on your promise to deliver the value that represents getting results you’re taking the first step towards building trust.

Trust is the first step. It’s a HUGE first step.

You may have heard the saying, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

It’s true!

Now, once you have an email list, you can mindfully market to this list. This includes your business opportunity, products, services and consultations.

Mindfully in this context means to give them more and more value (which is what they want and need to get results) while making offers that put money into your pocket. Make it win/win.

What All This Means For You

As an online network marketer, you will succeed when you develop a permission based model of marketing that’s focus is to build an email list.

When you do this, this means you will own a real, tangible business asset – the email list – and in doing that, you will have an audience that trusts you.

This trust makes them receptive to your offers, which include your biz opps, your products, your services and your consulting.

Cumulatively, this means you will make more money, which means that no matter what changes occur with your network marketing business, you have something you uniquely own.

…Which means… you’ll be able to stick around, and sustainably grow for the long term.

Want to understand how to build an email list, and implement this permission based model of marketing?  Learn more here


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