What Are You Doing to Support Local Disabled Entrepreneurs?

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Expectations sure do change quickly… 

Do YOU find it difficult to keep up with what’s going on with the Online Marketing and Internet changes?  It’s a job keeping up with my own health & well-being, but to keep up with the rules & regs of the Internet is another JOB.

When uncontrollable forces like illness and accident or disease charge in & decide for you what you will or won’t do, can or can’t do, then one must get creative & find a solution to accomplish what you wish to do.

Just as I was inspired by Glenda Watson Hyatt’s blog post depicting how “The Left Thumbed Blogger” overcomes the obstacles of completing an activity she enjoys, I believe all successful disabled peeps make accommodations for ourselves.

The mountains are God's thoughts piled up. The oceanss ar God's thoughts spead ot. The flowers are god's thoughts in bloom.

The mountains are God’s thoughts piled up. The oceans are God’s thoughts spread out.                                                The flowers are god’s thoughts in bloom.

I used to create beautiful needle craft pieces that looked like paintings on both front & back sides.  A needle is no longer safe for me to handle so I had to find & develop a new area of interest.  (Above is one of my favorite pieces…yes it’s hand stitched with yarn by me!)

With a lot of soul searching, a plethora of aptitude and interest tests,  literacy instructor classes, I discovered I have a desire to be creative. So with my training I took up tutoring reading for awhile and eventually began writing.

I’d venture to say that owning Internet Real Estate…a blog space is a form of being a published author.

It is quite another scenario to generate an income from one’s blog to cover the bills.

Everything happening in this crazy world has done little more than cause people to be skeptical & wary, thus creating other challenges for all online marketers…the trust factor vs the guru factor.

How does a Newbie like myself convince potential partners, prospects or patrons that you have presented products & programs of value?

One can only put it out there as honest & straight as possible & believe that eventually folks will realize that what I’m sharing is of value & that I can be trusted & liked.

I personally, have embarked on a quest to give my patronage to other small businesses every chance I can.  As I shared last year… This will help keep the American Dream alive instead of padding the pockets of the big corporations.

Seek out and support your reputable neighborhood:

  • print shop,
  • cafe or coffee shop,
  • auto mechanic,
  • craft store,
  • carpet cleaner,
  • painter,
  • handy man,
  • shoe repair,
  • and online, choose a link from the bottom of the search listings, of course with research & inquiry.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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