What Are Your Toughest Challenges As A Disabled Entrepreneur?

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I Ask That, To Open The Floor For Discussion…

And to discover an area of unmet need.  Since time began, we humans, have been searching for meaning and purpose, as I touched on here.

Maybe I should share my challenges first to help break the ice.

Ever feel like it's the end?

Ever feel like you’re gone with the next breeze?

Being a very strong willed individual that likes to be in control of her life, I have been very challenged with the way M.S. causes extreme uncertainties from day to day and even moment by moment.

I am challenged with a lack of self confidence, due in part, to the fact that I chose to be an at-home-mom and simply took a day-to-day role in doing the next task that came up rather than orchestrating my own future.

I am challenged by being a one woman show, keeping up with housekeeping and shopping, learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writing ad copy & Copywriting, to scratch the surface.

I’m struggling with the self confidence to start creating videos and knowing that that could make all the difference in my success with my online marketing.

My greatest desire is to be of service to others and figuring out how and what I have to offer is difficult when I have the knowledge in my head but this condition won’t allow me to participate fully.  Using such things as mobile phones and video cameras are a joke in my hands with tremors!

While taking interest & aptitude tests there’s no real way to answer questions about what your interests are, knowing that your body would betray and deny your desires. What seems so simple to the general populace – such as using a cell phone – is quite a struggle for me.

Though I have become very skilled at making adaptations for myself -some seemingly simple tasks are an extra challenge.  Writing this helps me to get ideas about my direction and purpose.  Maybe something to do with adjusting to change, or adaptation should be my focus.

I just found out about this resource at MindTools.com so it looks like I have some discovery to do, maybe it will help you start or expand your Online Marketing efforts too.

Please leave your two cents about what your challenges are or how you’ve overcome them.  I can understand if you don’t wish them to be public so just indicate that you do not wish me to publish your comment & I’ll keep it private. I appreciate your help with this.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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