What Do You Do When Circumstances Take Control Of Your Life?

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Sometimes It’s Best To Do Nothing!

I boarded an Amtrax from Denver to Grand Junction upon my medical scooter one week ago today with big ideas as to how my visit with my ailing father would play out.

Very little of my plan has gone as expected…

  • I did arrive safely,
  • I am with my family,
  • I enjoyed my first train trip. Those are what I need to focus upon.

If I were to focus upon the extra challenges associated with being away from my familiar surroundings,

  • being idle with little to do,
  • watching from afar as the Pine Ridge wildfire chars part of the view from my sister’s deck,
  • being secluded from the Internet that typically connects me to the world,
  • having my meals on other people’s schedule,
  • seeing my big, strong Daddy waste away, then I would be missing the opportunity to enjoy the last few weeks of Dad’s 75 years thus far.

True, none of  this has much to do with the purpose of this blog – connecting with other Disabled Entrepreneurs and promoting industrial hemp but maybe it does… As a disabled entrepreneur, one needs to take time for developing your purpose, and Maybe I need to learn that I am a human being – not a human doing!

This is a short post today which I’ll expand upon later…

OK, without going into the messy details of the past two weeks, I’ll carry on a bit.

Despising the legislation that prevents these Cannibis plants from being a preferred therapy/treatment rather than a last resort is not enough to convince my father ailing of lung cancer to try the oil on the chance that the oil might help.

So, after 70 years of “the powers that be” pounding it into our heads that hemp and marijuana are “bad for us,” I have to stand by & watch my Dad suffer and waste away because I’m only one voice against the so called “experts.”  Having just read The Hunger Games it smacks of the same type of tyranny…wouldn’t you agree?

In order to keep the peace during Dad’s last weeks, this seems to be one time when doing nothing is the best option.  It is also the hardest thing for me to do.  UGH

When one has to give “control” the reins it can leave one feeling helpless and useless.  When in the presence of a normally proud and strong man, like my father, the last thing that works is “being controlling”.

A dyed in the wool – man of the house, that IS his job.

Keeping him comfortable, free of pan, well-fed and happy is the main objective at times like this.

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