What Have You Been Doing The Past 3 Years or Months?

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My last Journal Entry follows:

Don’t get me wrong here…this will NOT be my last entry ever if I can help it.  It being 1/13/12, I took time off & spent last evening with my help-mate watching a movie which inspired me to make a journal entry only to discover that my last entry was as follows:

10/30/11  If you and I were in communication three years from today, perhaps sharing coffee, and you were looking back at those three years and describing them to me in the past tense … what would you be telling me about what you’ve done and become such that you feel it had been an extraordinary three years of your life? What would you have become and accomplished such that you would feel you’ve made a good investment of your time and energy?

That entry was inspired by a survey in an email list I subscribe to from Robert White called An Extraordinary Moment.  I truly have been so involved in the task described below that I had made all my subsequent entries on my blog instead of my journal.  Beginning a new adventure can be scary…we are all fearful of the unfamiliar or unknown. Internet Marketing is not as scary as this video but provides a wonderful analogy.

The analogy is that beginning an entrepreneurial journey is similar to the path in the video in that every step is a risk but with partners & mentors on your team it becomes much less scary.  The Renegade Network Marketer offers just such a team. Download your FREE copy here:

My survey answer follows:

I have been so busy helping rebuild, promote & improve this nation’s economy, creating job & business growth, cleaning up our environment, reducing unnecessary government spending & reforming outdated laws.    Most importantly my team & I have been improving peoples’ health while improving the health care system.

That statement was made at the very beginning of my journey toward becoming a successful leader as an Online Marketer.  The movie we watched was Love Happens, and even though I went to my journal for other reasons I firmly believe that things definitely happen for a reason.  You happened upon my site for a reason!  Thanks for visiting & feel free to start a conversation in the comment link below.



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