What Is The Work You Can’t Not Do? Attn: Disabled Entrepreneurs

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How Is Your Search Going?

I think most people are searching for that magic bullet, or program that truly resonates with themselves, their passions and beliefs.

Especially important is the possibilities available for those like myself who have a compromising condition – some type of disability that limits your employment possibilities in any way.  We are living in an age where we simply need to adapt and recreate the “new normal.”

If you’ve found your Social Currency then stop reading.

Many others have wished they could have been there when…

  • When Facebook started,
  • When YouTube started,
  • When Google+ began,
  • When the Frisbee was invented,
  • Or, maybe even when sliced bread was invented.
  • That’s what I’m about to present to you!

What Is Social Currency?

Social currency is what you earn from what you are probably already doing on your social media sites.  You’ve worked hard to design your website or blog so why not generate some attention, traffic and another source of income?

Imagine having your own television station, worldwide conference room, webinar services, and broadcast network! Do you think you could get your message out there with all of that in at your fingertips? All the power of Google+, Facebook, & YouTube; all in your back pocket!

I would need training on all of that! How about you?  Well, guess what… That is what’s being further developed right now and available for you to position yourself in front of the next best social media site to create social currency.

Even if you already know how to use Google+, do webinars, create videos, conduct global video conferencing, have a broadcast network and all that stuff.  Millions don’t know how.  Why not help lead and teach your virtual friends how to earn money doing what they’re already doing?

Check it out!

A one time $99. subscription gets you started.  This is one of those rare opportunities that could change your future.  Training modules are being added regularly in the learning lounge on our Global Hangout websites.

Whatever skills, talents, hobbies; interests or passions you have and wish to offer on your site should come from the place of deciding “what is the work you can’t not do.”  The world needs your input, your wisdom and experiences.

Entrepreneurs worldwide are positioning themselves in front of this monumental platform with Google+.  http://globalhangout.com/puregold

Have you discovered and developed your big why?

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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