What Makes Us Laugh When Someone Scares Us?

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If only I had video footage to share with you, but the best scares are impromptu!

If my very own father could be famous for something, it would have be his love for scaring people when it is least expected.

I like to thank the owner of this video so that I can set the tone for this blog post.

All of my life my father has been known to scare anybody any chance he got!  It was always very mysterious to us girls how a 6′- 250+ lb. man could sneak around so quietly.

Whether having you look over the side on a high mountain road so he could swerve just enough to make you think you’re going over the cliff, or yelping when everything was too quiet, or jumping out of the bushes with an old tribal Indian mask, you always had to be on your guard.

During my recent five week visit, my sabbatical, I was either too desensitized or he had lost his touch.

Or so I thought…

Dad got me the best he had in a very long time.  As I sat on one side of a curtain packing my last few things for my early morning departure with him sleeping on the other side of that curtain (or so I thought) where I heard him stirring, making me feel bad for waking him.

Next thing I knew, “the monster” threw the curtain out at me & caused me to holler loud enough to also scare my sister in the garage!  Two daughters scared in one act!

I had not seen my Dad laugh that hard ever!  It did my heart good to know that we shared sweet laughter on the eve of what may well be the last time I see him with that much good energy or possibly, ever!

That memory will be cherished!

The hardest part of his story is that I’ll always wonder if Hemp oil could give him a few more months or years, as we see in this video:

Being born in 1937 places him exactly in the generation that still trusted implicitly our government’s rules, regulations and agenda.

It was no surprise to hear from him that “I’m not going to be their guinea pig.”

He has no idea that hemp oil has been used as a medicine for thousands of years.  At least he has also refused chemo & radiation – you’re truly a guinea pig with them.  Using them would be the worst scare of all time and certainly not funny!

It must be our reaction to being frightened that causes us to laugh!  Being diagnosed with any illness or disease is no laughing matter.  Nor is being denied easy access to harmless remedies like hemp oil.

What is devastatingly scary is the fact that our government officials continually choose to prefer their financial interests over the health, welfare and freedom to choose of our nations people.

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