What Will We Do With Mutant Insects & Roundup Resistant Weeds?

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From a story on National Public Radio (NPR)

“Why didn’t Monsanto’s scientists foresee that weeds would become resistant to glyphosate, the weed-killing chemical in their blockbuster herbicide Roundup?”

top cut open globe that's filled with pollutants.It appears that even weeds have a supreme desire to survive, to evolve or adapt to their environment.  It’s almost a human quality to be able to survive unfriendly bombardments against life.

Ability to adapt to the surrounding elements or forces has allowed humans to survive through a barrage of attacks against the environment in which we live.

My question is, “Why wasn’t Monsanto required to test & prove the claims announced about Roundup prior to being released for public use?

I believe that s increasingly larger amount of potentially harmful products will have to be created to keep our environment habitable for human life.

As I’ve said before from personal experience I feel the effects of processed, & non-organically grown  foods.  It has become nearly impossible to avoid those products 100% of the time.

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2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

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