What’s This?…Edible Packaging? Eat the Chips & Bag Too?

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I’m A Little Queasy About This Idea… 

I mean rally!  Reducing package waste is a FANTASTIC idea!  But thinking about all the things that could come in contact with these items prior to consumption is a nauseating thought!

According to an Indiana-based-company, Monosol, is close to marketing this type of food container.

It’s not surprising that Monosol has been around 1954 without my knowledge or hearing of them before.

It is surprising to think about this concept in general.

I mean…this is the type of company that manufactures those dissoluble soap packets for our dishwashers & prosthetic limbs!

Somehow they just don’t seem likely compatible business ventures.

My big questions are, “How nutritional is Polymer?”  “Will this be studied & shared honestly with the public BEFORE this “edible packaging is put on the market?”

I’m all for the environmental aspect of edible packaging, but personally, I still prefer the concept of biodegradable cellulose packaging made from industrial hemp.

  • It is biodegradable,
  • A natural plant based product,
  • Hemp has already been proven healthy & safe for consumption,
  • Hemp also improves the soil,
  • Cleans the air,
  • Saves trees,
  • Provides clean energy,
  • Healthy foods, medicines, & more!

Bottom line…The only reason companies persist in trying to “reinvent the wheel”  is because they can’t get a patent for a plant.

What’s so unappealing about an idea for protecting humanity, & the environment  instead of making more money in detriment to humanity & the environment?

I can get behind companies that put humanity, environmental & sustain- ably GREEN.

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