What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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I don’t enjoy posting negative stuff like this.  However,

ignoring this type of thing is how American citizens got in this predicament in the first place.

It seems that if we remain unconcerned, disconnected, complacent or unaware then we deserve to reap the consequences and the government will continue to allow big business to decide what is best for us.

There is a growing amount of news regarding threats to our food supplies and our basic survival necessities.

GMO food Banned in 50 Countries but not even labeled in USA

What’s wrong with this picture?

Without getting into the political aspects of this, which is difficult not to do so…My primary objective today is to thank our servicewomen & men.

I can only say that we all need to be aware and more selective in our food purchases and eating habits.

picnic table, with checkered table cloth, watermelon and a flag in a vase f flowers

Happy Memorial Day!

I’m guessing that plenty of our diets and habits will not be forefront in our minds this Memorial Weekend as many a hot dog, burger or brat will grilled to perfection. Chips, drinks, and sodas are shared with friends & family!  It may be that watermelon will be the healthiest item on the menu!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, please be safe & remember our servicemen & women out of respect!

We’ll be celebrating my Dad’s 75th and praying it won’t be his last since he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

three soldiers saluting the U.S. Flag

I salute all you who have served for our freedom! Thank You!

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To our health,

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