Why Am I On This Bunny Trail?

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Not because I like to go where no man has gone before…

Not because I’m following the crowd…

original green alternativeIt’s because of the fact that I’m a U.S. citizen & standing up to fight for my rights & yours too.

We the people have been misled & deceived.

For some unknown reason (probably the 1%’s profit margins) the U.S.of A. is the only industrialized country that still bans the cultivation of industrial hemp.

I believe the reason for that, as I’ve stated before, I because the big wigs profit margins would be size-ably reduced or eliminated.

If the citizens of this democracy don’t stand up, stick together & demand that we want this wrong to be corrected, then we can’t complain about the 1% any longer.

The 1% own the

  • Oil companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • All of whom would loose profits if hemp were once again legalized.

So I’ve said nothing new today.  I may be a clanging bell to some of you but I won’t be silenced until something is changed in the U.S. policies to help preserve this nation & the world for the future generations.

Why else has this been an issue & concern for almost a century now?

It’s all about the big money & that’s all.

Are you getting any of that windfall?

Instead we’re getting:

  • Loss of American jobs
  • Loss of sustainability
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of Peace
  • Loss of a safe environment
  • Loss of hard earned income

That’s not my last word on this.

Short post today but thanks for visiting, reading & commenting.

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