Why Are We Americans Not Up in Arms About This?

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We’re Not Going To Survive If We Don’t Stop This ASAP!

I am not usually one to cause a ruckus however, I have enough health issues as it is to ignore this either.  I cannot stand by and do nothing so I must speak up to create awareness and change.

Please watch this clip from Dr. Mercola and then share this page with everyone you know, then maybe we can begin to create a change.

During my sabbatical the summer I had thought that I would focus on positive things I could write about rather than all the bad things that are going wrong – However, this issue of GMO foods is completely out of control.

It seems as if we will have to have a major breakthrough or overhaul of the powers and organizations that are controlling our government – It will take a major paradigm shift within the big $$$ people.

I am continually seeing blogs and websites covering topics like;

  • GMO labeling,
  • reforming Health Care,
  • revising hemp and marijuana laws,
  • restructuring income tax laws,
  • revamping Medicare
  • renewing our Energy Systems, Sources and Supplies,
  • rethinking our food production systems,
  • reviewing our economic programs,
  • reworking the Pharma advertising biz,
  • restricting environmental destruction,
  • – the list seems endless.

Each of us alone cannot be very effective, but united, we should be able to make a difference.  It seems it is going to take a Revolution, a Reformation, a civil war of sorts – hopefully without blood in the streets.

The whole prospect doesn’t sound very civil – one would hope that with all of our intellectual and technological advancements that our civilization would be able to solve these problems without bloodshed.

Human desires, needs and emotions have caused us to develop these advancements and these advancements have created some very wealthy people that are controlling the markets and The White House – each with their own human nature – Scary.

The problems have come mostly as a result of someone’s sick human nature for greed and desire for power who care first about their own  pocketbooks over the overall health and wellness of the population.

I’m not trying to say that we can overcome human nature, but what I am  saying is that when we unite as a team we should be able to effect some changes and start gaining back some pride and safety in American made products and services.

BIO -100% natural

We’ve got to get back to NATURal!

America’s farmers and ranchers have sustained us for a couple hundred years already – however, currently a few large corporations have somehow incentivized and motivated our farmers and ranchers to earn higher profits by producing these modified foods.  We need to be concerned for our total health and wellness.

Companies such as Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and DuPont are positioned to earn millions, maybe even billions, while the consumers of GM foods are destined to become disabled, ill and dependent upon other heavily burdened systems in order to survive.

It is criminal the way we are almost forced to consume these dangerous food sources – I mean we all have to eat and we’re all affected by the downturn economy so we’re not as able to afford the organic non-GMO choices.

I am still very confused as to why it costs more for products with less chemicals and less processing – It doesn’t make sense.

If you’re one of the people who are out there looking to promote your idea or out there shouting about something that needs to be changed or improved I’d like to invite you to join The Renegade Team where we can help you get your blog or website set up and start getting the word out.

Together we can make a difference, we must make a difference!

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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