Why Do We Ask “Why Me?”

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Or…Why Do We Complain About the Weather?

Or a bad hair cut…wait a couple days & get it re-cut.

“IF” and “OR” are the two biggest words in the dictionary!

When life happens, & brings a challenge your way of any magnitude, it can mess up your chi, your energy, your attitude, or your demeanor.

Keyhole with a shining star showing through it.Our immediate reaction is often, to ask “Why me” or “Why now?”

In my opinion, those questions are as if you’re asking that someone else should receive the challenge…not me, or you.

Or, that you are better than another and don’t deserve the problem/challenge.

If one stays in that place of pity they will ever be searching…for something unattainable, a bit like not having the correct key for the keyhole.

Seriously, its like complaining about the weather.  While a common topic of greeting… pheeww it’s hot/cold windy/snowy out there today!  Can anyone change it?  No if or or there…It’s a big fat NO!!!

Or, when one becomes bitter, angry or depressed about whatever happened, they can never fully enjoy life.  They will likely end up trying to bring others down with them.

You can be certain that, yes, I miss taking a walk (without my adaptive equipment), riding a bicycle, climbing a real mountain…running…HA!…not doing those things today!  However, I will hold on to HOPE because, like the weather or a bad hair cut, tomorrow is another day.

Today I can use what is available to me to make the best of what is just because “it is what it is.”

Choosing to avoid things that I know have a harmful effect on me personally is one way to foster hope.  For me one of those is avoiding Aspartame which you can read about here.

Or choosing to use what has been sustaining my health for 9 years now.  Would you rather work with biology OR against biology?check out Restoration Biology here.

2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

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