Why should we end modern prohibition?

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Don’t Tell Me No, Seems Humanity Will Try Harder To Get It…

a selection of yes, no, check mark, x's, plus & minus signsbuttons Hasn’t it always been the case that the more someone tries to keep something away from any one or someone, or tries to regulate its use or abuse, hasn’t it always made them want it more?  Just like a baby – let them explore (with supervision of course) & suddenly their curiosity is satisfied & it’s no longer interesting.

Did You Know?

“Half of what the Federal Government spends on law enforcement, the courts & prisons is drug related. We incarcerate 1.8 million people per year for nonviolent, misdemeanor use or possession.”  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)  “believes legalized regulation is the only ethical and efficient way to undo the damage caused by the War on Drugs. “Which means the Feds are also spending tax dollars to feed and provide shelter for drug offenders in the prisons.

Focusing on the prohibition aspect of marijuana & hemp is the wrong approach by the wrong departments. For the very small percentage of people truly with a related health issue, it should be handled as a health issue, not criminal justice.

Furthermore, industrial hemp, had it not been prohibited, has so much potential for positive change for our country.

Persistence in pushing for these reforms will remain my goal until changes are effected.  Too many lives have been unnecessarily destroyed over a couple varieties of one plant.

Too much government spending is wasted on enforcing laws that are increasing the damage & loss of lives caused by drug cartels who are capitalizing on the prohibition.

It’s time for change. 

  • Hemp is NOT a drug.
  • Hemp should be a commodity crop.
  • Hemp should be providing export revenue.
  • Hemp should be providing healthy food for millions.
  • Hemp should be helping the manufacturing & textile industries.
  • Hemp should be used in reducing fossil fuel use.
  • Hemp should be providing natural medicines.
  • Hemp should be replenishing our soil …YES it does that too!
  • Hemp should be reducing deforestation.
  • Hemp should be reducing government spending.

That is just 10 benefits that are being thwarted by a foolish governmental misuse & misunderstanding…OR is it on purpose?

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