Why Would I Choose To Follow Jack Herer’s Lead?

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Because I trust 10,000 years worth of historically safe use of cannabis hemp more than I trust the greed & commercialism surrounding the agenda behind the War on Drugs. This video is nearly an hour long but worth the investment. (subscribe & watch later if you need to)

Why, other than a financial interest, would any person or organization sequester the scientific proof of the extensive benefits of these findings.

I should check into these therapeutic benefits myself were it not for the fact that we are so entrenched in what has been pounded into our minds about smoking marijuana …I mean who wants insanity?

Not me.

However, hemp seed, hemp oil & hemp fiber products certainly deserve my efforts as a viable business trend to pursue.

Obviously our big industries & our government see hemp as a threat to their commercial interests.  I’m referring to Big Oil, Big Pharma & Big Chemical.

Hemp is a plant…a plant cannot be taxed, therefore, the plant must be vilified to maintain the greedy competitors markets.

Let’s consider these facts…

  • We are closer now than at any point thus far in this century to exposing the deceptions surrounding the banning of hemp as an agricultural crop.
  • The scientific discoveries about hemp won’t remain misrepresented forever.
  • Personal testimonies of hemp’s medicinal effects & benefits are being widely exposed.
  • I read somewhere yesterday that 80 million people are searching for home based or online business opportunities.
  • Since the U.S. is the #1 importer of hemp products doesn’t it stand to reason that Hemp Awareness is finally on the forefront of becoming the next big industry.

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