Working From Your Kitchen Table? 11 DIY Copywriting Techniques…(Part 2)

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Continued from yesterday…about hiring a Copywriter.

The issue I have with that is that it doesn’t help you long term, and you don’t acquire the skill set.  Your skill set is the real asset of a kitchen table business.  Ask anyone, or maybe you already know, being able to write copy for blog posts, emails, capture pages, ads, power points, even videos plus all the offline stuff brochures, flyers, etc is a crucial factor for success.  That stuff is all copywriting.  And it’s THE skill set to have in just about any kitchen table style business.

That all said, let’s dive into today’s tip.

Keep the focus on your visitors.

Your visitors don’t care about you.  Not at first they don’t.  They don’t care about your mission statement, your snazzy branding graphic, or how long you’ve been in business. They don’t even care about your products and services.  Again, not at first they don’t.

At first, they only care about themselves.  They hit your blog site with their needs in mind.  So when they watch your video, or read your home page, they are immediately thinking: Can this person help me?

Have you heard the old adage, “What’s In It For Me?”

Who are your customers?

Identify who needs what you have to offer?

Your visitors are at your blog site because they have a need or a problem.  Or they want to be entertained, but that’s a different business model altogether. One you’re likely not in.  Being entertaining is an added bonus for fulfilling a need.

So talk about their problems, their needs and their situation.

CHECK POINT: You do know their problems, needs and situation, don’t you? You better.

An average copywriter who knows their audiences problems, needs and situation will outperform a world class copywriter who DOESN’T have that information any day.

So here’s the tip: Know everything you can about your ideal customer.  Be able to know more about them than they do.  Then address those issues in all that you write and create.

After you’ve addressed these issues, then you can talk about how you can help. So let me tell you one more thing before we wrap up.

There’s this thing called “we-we” test. You can apply it to your home page, or any email you might send out. After you’ve written your copy count up the number of times you use the following words: we, us, our, [your company name], and compare it to the number of times you use words such as: you, your, etc.

The “You” words should win by a land slide.  Keep in mind; you don’t need to have all these skills mastered before you get started on your own home based business.

A NEW business model has emerged…It’s called The Empathy Economy!

You have your own set of gifts, talents and life experiences.  You have desires, goals, values and a life purposed based on your experiences.

With the current economy, job downsizing & consolidation, isn’t it time to start branding yourself & connecting with others who can empathize with you?

You may need or want the support of a team of folks in the same boat.  Having support 24/7 from folks in traditional businesses or MLM models all over the world and all different backgrounds can make all the difference. Join The Renegade Team Today! 

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To our health,

Or get started now, and learn copywriting from the best.

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