Working From Your Kitchen Table? 11 DIY Copywriting Techniques…(Part 1)

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A spiral of time enclosed in a crystal sphere

A spiral of time enclosed in a crystal sphere

I’ll be sharing these tips over the next several days, up to 11.  We’ll see how it goes with space & time…aren’t they always trying to rule?

Here’s tip #1

You Could Hire a copywriter.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “You call that a tip?!”

Well it is, and here’s why:

You are a one person show like me.  You could run your entire business from your kitchen table.  You do-it-yourself.  More than likely, you’re on a budget too, but you realize that you can’t do it all.  So choose, if you hate writing blogs, or writing in general this may be where you choose to outsource.

Choose what you’re going to outsource, and choose what you’re going to do on your own.  For most of us, it’s the technical stuff we hire out.  Like making our sales page link properly with our PayPal account.  Or getting our capture form set up with graphics and looking pretty on the side bar.

It all depends on what you’re least comfortable doing.  If writing copy for your home page, or for your auto email newsletter takes you a month instead of a week… well, consider hiring someone.

Copywriting Is Different From Other Types Of Writing

Copywriting is about about making a connection with people using the written word or the recorded word (video and audio), and all the things that involves. Part of that connection involves action.

This kind of writing takes a different set of brain cells.

You don’t put your top sprinter in the marathon with hopes of a winning gold medal. It’s a completely different type of race.  The same is true of writing copy.  Copywriters have experience in using specific words to get people to take action.  While they are not inexpensive, they are a great investment in the success of your kitchen table web based business.  I have chosen to learn what I can from The Renegade Team before I hire a Copywriter…I learn better by doing, plus I am on a tight budget & know I’ll need help in other areas plus I enjoy writing.

That said, if you want to have a skill that will always provide your business with value, hold your feet to the fire and learn copywriting.  Although…

There is a lot to learn from hiring a copywriter.

Working from home

businessman Working from home

Sometimes it’s a great way to start.  Other times, it’s best to give it your best shot – whatever your copywriting needs – just jump in and start writing.  Then you can hire a copywriter to “lift,” edit, restructure, and be a mechanic for your copy.  Ask your hired copywriter to explain what they did and why.  That too is a terrific way to learn copywriting.

How To Hire A Copywriter

Depending on your copywriting needs, budget no less than $500 for a copywriter worth their salt, but consider $1000 a good ballpark for anything other than a sales page. Sales pages will much much higher, as they should, that’s where a sale transacts.

Ask for references.  Ask for samples.  Speak with the person on the phone.  Some will offer a free consults.  Some don’t.  Doesn’t matter.  You MUST speak with the person on the phone.  They ought to listen to you.  Tell them your story.  Tell them what you want.  Tell them who your target audience is, etc.  Be prepared.

I hope that helped.

The next 10 tips will arrive in each of the next 10 days or so.

Or get started now, and learn copywriting from the best.

If that’s out of your game plan then Join The Renegade Team Today & get started on yor journey toward taking control of your future…not your employer’s for !

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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