You Can’t Have “Hemp” So You Are More Determined to Have “Hemp.”

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Confusion about Hemp

Hemp is a deadly drug. ~NOT~

Hemp will kill you. ~NOT~

Hemp is the same as marijuana ~NOT~

When told you can’t have something, doesn’t it make you want it even more?   Isn’t that the one of the truest statement of all humanity?

Since Industrial Hemp was outlawed in 1937 the federal government has wrongly classified hemp as “the same” as marijuana and has spent billions on needless regulations, prevention programs, enforcement, incarcerations, rehabilitation programs and who knows what else.

Now that science has shown the benefits of hemp products & medical marijuana the government may finally start changing their tune BUT, as citizens we MUST keep after those in power & INSIST on re-structuring these outdated regulations.  Taxed & regulated, these two plants would reestablish our stability as a nation.

The feds are feeding from both sides of the trough…  They tax the use & sale then they impose fines for the same.

Let’s STOP this senseless “War on Drugs,” as it relates to hemp & marijuana. Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol…it’s NOT working with marijuana…  industrial hemp NOT even a mind altering drug!  

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